A Statement from our EBREL President

Hey everyone, I’m Jesse Jones. You might have seen me around at one of these events before because I’ve been coming here for the last two years, but a couple weeks ago I was elected as president of the EBR Esports League. I just wanted to come up here and talk to you about something our newest interim superintendent mentioned which was “ride for the brand” which I think is a great reflection of what EBR Esports has done over the past two years. I remember when we started, we had two promethean boards and two switches, and we would play tournaments with whoever showed up. Now we have 4 different tournaments going on at once all put on by students. And we wouldn’t be able to do it without our student ambassadors. Take Dae for example who is another gamer, they came up to me asking if we had a Mario kart tournament about a year ago and said they were interested in starting one, and now it’s one of our biggest events. In fact, the reason we’re hosting the tournament at the PDC instead of the CTEC Center is because we sent so many kids last time, it would of been overcrowded to run one again. If we are going to ride for the brand, we must remember that our brand is EBR Esports, and if me and our wonderful student ambassadors stay focused on our mission to bring scholastic opportunities to kids through video games, then I’m positive we can pack this arena to max capacity one day too.

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