2nd Annual Ambassador Meeting

The Professional Development Center buzzed with excitement on Saturday as we hosted the 2nd annual Student Ambassador meeting for our booming EBR Schools Esports League (EBREL). Student voice is the bedrock of our program, from the Director of Network Operations shaping the overall vision to the dedicated IT staff and, of course, the passionate student gamers themselves.

Last year, we surpassed our goals: expanding the game selection as requested by students and establishing a new home base! We traded the previous 180-person capacity for a future state-of-the-art facility that can comfortably host over 800 spectators, mirroring the league’s incredible growth from 8 teams to 20 in just one year.

And the momentum isn’t slowing down! The ambassadors tackled ambitious plans for the future:

  • Expansion: With over 30 teams anticipated next fall, EBREL is gearing up for an even bigger season.
  • Enhanced Events: Exciting new features and increased audience engagement are top priorities.
  • Sponsorship Surge: Securing additional sponsors will fuel the league’s continued growth.
  • Student Leadership: The election of a President and Vice President, along with defining their roles, will empower student leadership within EBREL.
  • Reaching Every School: Expanding the Ambassador program to include a representative from every school, even those without established programs, ensures all voices are heard.
  • Community Investment: A fundraising contest with a unique twist – the ambassador with the most donations wins a gaming PC built by fellow students in another ESPORTS Program Project the CTEC Center’s Gaming
  • Build Battle: Students go toe-to-toe in a Gaming PC building competition with real-world business stakes. (Highlights student involvement and business aspect)
  • Event Planning: A tour of the new facility culminated in brainstorming optimal space utilization and event flow for future tournaments.

This meeting overflowed with fantastic ideas and laid the groundwork for further discussions in upcoming virtual gatherings. It’s clear that EBR Schools Esports League is thriving under the ownership of its dedicated students, who are driving it to even greater heights.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our new President and Vice President!

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