Esports Roadshows: A Chance to Celebrate the Inclusivity of Scholastic Esports!

The world of esports is catching on like wildfire. With the increasing popularity of video games, players and viewers alike are hungry for more esports coverage. There are even more people than ever before who are starting to learn about and appreciate this niche field. Whilst most of us are focused on the tournament season, it’s not the only time that we can spread the word about how esports can motivate & inspire students of all backgrounds and ability levels. Hence the birth of the Esports Roadshow!

There are plenty of opportunities to get out there and talk about video games with students in the EBRPSS, but our esports roadshows have allowed us to engage students in the larger scholastic esports ecosystem. During the month of April, the Department of Technology Services hosted esports events at 4 schools, Wildwood EL, Cedarcrest-Southmoor EL, BRFLAIM, & Northeast EL. Although roadshows have been ongoing since January, this month highlighted inclusion for all students! From foreign language immersion to non-verbal communication, all students are able to participate in esports and the scholastic programs that make up the esports ecosystem. This month students were able to explore shoutcasting, learn about 3D printing and use FlipGrid to create 15 second video clips explaining why esports belong in the school setting. Several students were able to communicate their experiences in French, Spanish & Mandarin. Teachers reported that they witnessed typically hesitant students who embraced the new approach to learning and found many students who had “hidden” talents. Students from special needs programs joined the fun and were able to participate just like their peers. The excitement of esports transcends all ability levels & prior experience!


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  1. I would love to do an Esports event at Ryan Elementary. Do you have any dates available?
    Shanelle Fernandez, Principal
    Ryan Elementary

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