After two successful Esports Roadshows to Bernard Terrace Elementary & Southeast Middle Data Magnet, the DTS Desktop BandITs are ready to visit 10 more elementary schools in the EBRPSS.Nineteen schools were emailed in early February 2022, with the good news that they were randomly selected to host the Esports Roadshow where 5th graders are getting excited about attending middle schools across the district. During the 2.5-hour visit, 5th graders will learn about Esports and current trends in 21st century skill set learning. Students will learn that competitive community-based video gaming can enhance current classroom learning & lead students toward future STEM Pathways, whether career or college bound. Students will leave with knowledge of careers related to the esports ecosystem like Broadcasting, Entrepreneurship & Software Development. In addition, students’ names will be entered into a match generator where students will get a chance to play against each other in 3 v 3 style play, with the rocket-powered acrobatic vehicular game Rocket League. The winning 3-person team will get to challenge the faculty team at their own school for bragging rights.