EBREL: Setting the Standard for Scholastic Esports

EBREL: Setting the Standard for Scholastic Esports

Another successful event has come and gone, and our students continue to shine. Scotlandville Middle, a newcomer to the league this year, has made a bold statement by claiming victory in all three tournaments so far. Tara and Baton Rouge High maintain their intense rivalry, trading tournament wins back and forth in a captivating display of competitive spirit. Capitol Elementary, another recent addition, has proven their worth by securing consecutive tournament wins.

In the Madden tournament, our reigning champion Kameron demonstrated his dominance, effortlessly navigating his way to the finals. Our Smash tournament saw familiar faces advance, while Mario Kart has gained momentum under the guidance of Baton Rouge High, transforming it from a casual pastime into a competitive tournament game. Not to be outdone, William, our current Smash champion and a finalist in that tournament, also emerged victorious in the Mario Kart competition. His winning streak shows no signs of slowing down.

Our Student Ambassadors have stepped up to the plate, taking on various responsibilities such as managing tournaments, operating concession stands to raise funds for their esports program, overseeing sound systems, and running streams. Our vision and aspirations are becoming a reality. We are establishing the benchmark for what scholastic esports should be. Our focus extends beyond mere gaming; we are fostering leaders, creators, and equipping our scholars with life skills that will empower them to excel in their chosen fields after they graduate. In doing so, we are laying the foundation for the EBREL legacy.

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