SenorOmnipotente // Jeffery Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson - SenorComnipotente

I have been the Spanish teacher at Northeast High for seven years now. My family has been interested in computers for a long time. My mother grew up with the original Pong system. When I was very little we owned an Atari 2600. When I was 9 I saved my money to buy my first Nintendo Entertainment System. I’ve since owned a SNES, a Playstation 2, a Wii, and now a Switch. I also enjoy computer games. My favorite types are RPGs.


Bahawaka // Ian Crowe

Ian Crowe - Bahawaka

I have been playing video games for over 15 years. I played in international competitions for organizations such as SpaceStation Gaming (SSG) and OpTic Gaming. I am eager to share my knowledge of the industry to help the team develop their skills and push themselves to their fullest potential.

Coach Adey // Adrienne Alford

Adrienne Alford - Coach Adey

I have studied the positive effects that video games have on people of all ages. Specifically I focused on the increased comprehension of students enrolled in courses that used video games as a learning tool. I am excited to develop leadership skills, effective communication, and teamwork skills within our program!

rocket league team

Cottontitus // Carter McAllen

Carter McAllen - Cottontitus

A junior at Northeast High, Carter serves as captain of the Rocket League Team. Aerials are his specialty.

4naldo // Arnaldo Santos

Arnaldo Santos Juarez - 4naldo

A junior at Northeast High, Arnaldo works hard to always make the shot.

Knightkyng // John Lathan

John Lathan - Knightkyng

A sophomore at Northeast High, John is the team’s tactician. He studies each game to find ways the team can improve.

Gameruler637 // Shawn Newman

Shawn Newman - Gameruler637

A Sophomore at Northeast High, Shawn serves as a backup player but also the team’s technical expert. Always there to make sure the equipment is running right, Shawn keeps the Vikings on track.

B0TBREAKER492 // Brayden Hebert

NEH Vikings

A junior at Northeast High, Brayden trains every day so he’s ready to step in and serve as the team’s enforcer. Demos are his specialty.

All Coach and Team Member bios are courtesy of the Northeast High School Vikings and are found on their website