by: Ralph Caffery

Our first match of the whole tournament was set to be a slobberknocker between Legacy of Ron and It’s Gametime. Since it was the first match, there were a few things that slipped through the cracks. Some small. Some as big as playing on a non-standard court!

Still, the show had to go on. And it got off to a fast start, with It’s Gametime scoring four goals within the first minute, including one where he swerved just between Ron and the ball to score directly in front of the net.

The next minute went by rather uneventfully, with It’s Gametime making a brilliant save right in front of his own net. Finally before the minute expired, he was able to score again.

Ron made a tragic half-court miss around the 2:30 mark, sliding just left of the goal. It’s Gametime was able to take that momentum and turn it into his sixth goal, and the ensuing possession led to an immediate goal for Gametime. Perhaps the futility of the match was getting to Legacy of Ron.

Finally with around 1:40 left, Gametime overshot on trying to make a save and Legacy of Ron was able to score. This surprise and delusion of losing his shutout led to an immediate second goal for Ron, which he brilliantly banked off the side of the arena. It’s Gametime seemed to lose his mojo a bit due to all this as he made two big misses in a row right in front of Ron’s goal.

However, with 35 seconds left, Ron finally embraced his doom and sat idly by as Gametime shot the ball from right in front of the goal. He really never did give up as he was there to defend his goal til the last. The game would end 8-2 in favor of It’s Gametime.